Our love and passion for the oceans drives our desire to conserve the underwater environment so that future generations can experience the same wonder that we have discovered.


An intense curiosity for understanding the inner workings of our ecosystem has led us down a path of academia. We study our oceans to better understand how to conserve them.


Above all else, we are driven by excitement and thrill. There is no better way to stimulate passion than to fill our days with adventure.

Cape RADD is a marine field station that serves as a platform for researchers in the False Bay area of Cape Town. We specialise in projects that monitor and investigate the biodiversity of a global hotspot home to more than 3500 endemic marine species. We aim to better understand our world by using a variety of techniques including transects, quadrats, remote underwater video and mark-recapture, with a particular focus on approaches that utilise citizen science. At the core of our values is passing on our expertise to early career scientists and those with a passion for the ocean.


Cape RADD Hooded Poncho-Towel

Hooded microfibre poncho-towel.

Cape RADD Cap

Navy cap with embroidered Cape RADD logo.

Cape RADD T-Shirt

White Cape RADD T-Shirt with navy printed logo on front and back.

Meet the team


Jessica-Jade Barron

Jessie has always been a wildlife lover and manages the social media platforms for Cape RADD. She is also a budding photographer, freediver and hiker, and is on hand for student needs - ready to assist with trips, travel and anything else you might need whilst on the field course with us.

Photo of Team Member Gareth Fee

Gareth Fee

Gaz is a Marine Biologist, PADI Dive master and budding underwater photographer. He has a passion for the underwater world and the diverse forms of life within it. He is currently completing his Honours degree at the University of Cape Town studying Octopus behaviour.

What our students say

Cape RADD intern Amanda

Amanda Gardiner

University of Washington

"I had never actually been out in the field doing field research. I had done stuff in labs and in classes, but I never had hands on experience, so I saw the Cape RADD field course as a perfect opportunity not only to dive but to actually learn how to take data in the field, learn how to ID animals. It turned out to be all of that and so much more... We got to dive a variety of environments, reef to kelp forests to urchin barrens...
It was so amazing because every day I got in the water, I just knew that was what I wanted to do, I just got happier everyday that I went diving..."

Cape RADD volunteer Courtney

Courtney Luing

Univeristy of Wisconsin

“I found out about this course through my advisor and I am so happy that I did because I really enjoyed it...
I got to hone in on my SCUBA diving skills and I got to learn a lot about researching in the field...”

Cape RADD student Anne

Anne-Sophie Roux

My Coral Garden

"I wanted to come to Cape RADD to gain more experience in marine sampling techniques, and to discover new ecosystems that I didn’t know anything about and improve my diving skills. I think its mission accomplished for it all.
I would advise anyone to come to Cape RADD.”


The Travel Taste Trio

The Travel Taste Trio joined Cape RADD on a Snorkel for Science some weeks back. Here’s a vlog of their experience!

Exploring Fin Spotter

In celebration of being allowed back on the beaches (to collect MORE data), let's step back and take a look at some of the Fin Spotter data that we have collected so far!

Cape RADD the LOGO

Right from the beginning when ‘Cape RADD’ was just an idea, Mike was passionate on the fact that the name and logo didn’t matter a huge amount and what was most important was making the Read more…

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