Kelp Health Article, By Paul Tullis (featuring Cape RADD, 2024)

Kelp forests cover six to seven million square kilometers of ocean—an area greater than the Amazon rainforest’s. While the Amazon is branded as “the lungs of the Earth” for its extensive oxygen production, it’s actually marine algae, including kelp, that have been responsible or the preponderance of oxygen in the atmosphere. Kelp forests’ role as biodiversity hotspots, which they also share with the Amazon and other jungles worldwide, make them basically the coral reefs of cold water, except that kelp is even more extensive: Kelp is found in even more than the 25 percent of coastal areas that harbor corals, covering five times as much ocean area. 

Carte blanche – Mission Blue Hope Spot Champions (2024)

Mission Blue Hope Spot Champions (2024)

Tune in to SA’s best known morning show where Cape RADD are special guests to talk about False Bay as a unique biodiversity hotspot and Mission Blue Hope Spot.

Tune in to SA’s best known morning show where Cape RADD are special guests to talk about False Bay as a unique biodiversity hotspot and Mission Blue Hope Spot.

Time to connect the dots on Hope Spots – world-renowned marine biologist Dr Sylvia Earle (2024)

A piece about Cape RADD as Mission Blue Hope Spot Champions for False Bay. If you’re not familiar with Mission Blue, it’s a global initiative to protect the ocean spearheaded by Dr Sylvia Earle, and brings together an international coalition to inspire an upwelling of public awareness, access and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas called Hope Spots.

Summertide – focus’s on marine conservation of False Bay and family drama (2024)

Set in False Bay, “Summertide” a 4 series National Mnet TV Drama follows the lives of the Field family, based around the father Martin Field, a marine biologist working on preserving and researching False Bay. Our Co-founder Mike Barron was enlisted for Script reading and scientific fact checking and storyline ideas for the show. Cape RADD also assisted with costume, stock footage, dive safety and dive body doubles for all the diving scenes. If you watch the show, Mike even has a small cameo speaking part… its hillarious

Securing our planet’s water (2023)

Cape RADD founders Mike & Dylan were interviewed for a CNN short video on the work we are doing here at Cape RADD on the shyshark population data and how we are integrating A.I and machine learning to assist with marine research data analysis See more!

Southern African Shark & Ray Symposium (7th) 2023

Mike Barron headed over to Durban to present Cape RADD’s FinSpotter project and data so far, with an entertaining presentation titled ‘Shagging’. A great event with fascinating talks and great networking with the Shark and Ray Scientists of Africa. With guest Speaker Dave Ebert, Director of the Pacific Shark Research Center.

Titan Submersible (2023)

Mike was invited on to talk about the physics and technical and physical challenges of recovering the Titan Submersible.

Afrique du sud plongee au milieu des requins (Diving with Shark in South Africa) (2023)

Cape RADD founders Mike & Dylan were joined by one of France’s most popular domestic TV news network shows to explore the amazing African Sea Forest and our Fin Spotter project…. See more! (French)


Embark on a snorkelling adventure with Cape RADD and explore the underwater world

Check out Cape Town ETC. short blog on what Cape RADD have to offer, something for everyone with a mission of inspiring everyone to care and protect our marine environment… Read more!

Naar die Haaien

There are countless stories about the Great White Shark in South Africa. Nieuwe Revu’s Fred de Vries took the plunge (and a wetsuit) and headed for the sharks near Windmill Beach, where once the hapless John Chandler came face to face with the bloodthirsty predator…. Read More! (Dutch)

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Shark Encounters (of the friendly kind)

Cape RADD’s Mike Barron took journalists out on a benthic shark survey to record the diversity and abundance of these endemic and lesser known sharks… Read More!

Nat Geo Wild

National Geographic WILD: When Sharks Attack: Cape Terror (2021)

South Africa’s magnificent Western Cape, famed for its wide sandy beaches, sunny climate and powerful surf. But in the last decade alone there have been twenty-seven shark attacks, including eleven fatalities and two amputations. And the numbers keep growing. Why is South Africa’s Western Cape so deadly?… Read More!

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Getaway Magazine

We joined Cape Research and Diver Development in a marine conservation-based citizen science adventure to count the fish and sharks of False Bay in the nutrient-rich waters… Read More!

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Cape Town Summer Must Dos

Take a peek below the surface with Cape RADD’s snorkeling adventures in the Kelp Forests. Swim through the unique underwater world at Simon’s Town’s Windmill Beach. Diving experience is not required for snorkeling but if you’re interested in a scuba diving session, you’ll need to have a certified diver… Read More!

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The Travelers Blueprint

Dylan Irion is a marine scientist and Save Our Seas Foundation project leader working towards a PhD that aims to unravel the drivers of Great White Shark population dynamics in South Africa… Listen Here!

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Tonight With Lester Kiewit

The 5th annual Southern African Shark & Ray Symposium invited experts from all
aspects of marine ecology and ocean resource development to share their knowledge
and experience in these fields to better elucidate the fundamental links between
elasmobranchs and the blue economy… Listen Here!


Scuba Careers: Marine Biology with Michael Barron

We spoke to Michael Barron, co-founder of Cape RADD, about his experience working in marine biology, his thoughts on citizen science, and tips for budding marine biologists… Read More!

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For the Love of Marine

Marine biologist, co-founder and course director of Cape RADD, Mike Barron, says the community can get involved by joining local beach cleanups and marine events, picking up litter on their own trips, and making sure they reduce their use of single-use plastics… Read More!

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University of Washington blog

Past Cape RADD student Amanda Gardiner wrote a Top Banana blog about her experience here at Cape RADD and all the exciting research and fun activities she got up to whilst on the marine field course… Read More!

Lunch with Pippa Hudson: Pippa’s Planet

Mike Barron was interviewed about Cape RADD’s Citizen Science program and the call to action to Cape Town’s ocean lovers!

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Grootwithaai se sprong laat oë rek

Great white’s jump raises eyes… Read More!

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South African scientists trial humane shark deterrents

Orca-patterned wetsuits and shark-friendly nets among proliferation of research trials… Read More!

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Ocean’s supersized star spotted

Oprah, a great white shark, was one of 36 tagged in Western Cape from March to May 2012… Read More!