Dive Safety at Cape RADD

Your Safety is Our Priority

At Cape RADD, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety for all our diving activities. Our comprehensive dive safety protocols are designed to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for divers of all levels.

Dive Preparation and Training

  • Dive Skills and Tasks: We tailor each dive to the site, weather conditions, and objectives, always within the limits of our students’ qualifications and abilities.
  • Acclimatization Dives: New divers undergo acclimatization dives to adjust to local conditions and assess their skills.
  • SSI Open Water Certification: Unqualified divers can complete the SSI open water level certification the week before the Field course starts.

Equipment and Maintenance

  • Regular Servicing: All our equipment is serviced regularly to ensure reliability and safety.
  • Dive Boats Certification: Our dive boats are certified and inspected by the South African Maritime Safety Authority annually.

Health and Well-being

  • Stay Hydrated: We emphasize the importance of staying hydrated, especially during hot summer days.
  • No Alcohol: We expect no alcohol intake up to 12 hours before a dive and advise against diving with a hangover.

Dive Briefings and Procedures

  • Detailed Briefings: We provide area-specific briefings, dive briefings, and objectives before each dive.
  • Buddy Checks: Pre-dive buddy checks and dive safety checks are mandatory.
  • Dive Refresher Course: Divers who have not dived for 6 months are required to take a refresher course.

Emergency Preparedness

  • First Aid Training: All staff are trained and regularly refreshed in Diving First Aid and Oxygen Provision.
  • Emergency Equipment: We have emergency oxygen and first aid kits on each boat and dive vehicle.

What We Expect from Our Students

  • Attention to Briefings: Listen carefully and ask questions if anything is unclear.
  • Speak Up: If you’re unsure about your capability for a dive or task, talk to our professionals.
  • Equipment Checks: Ensure your own equipment is serviced annually and dive with a computer, SMB, and reel if possible.

Join Us for Safe and Memorable Dives

At Cape RADD, we believe that safety is the foundation of a great diving experience. Our protocols are designed to protect you while allowing you to fully engage with the marine environment and projects offered. Whether you’re here for research, education, or adventure, you can dive with confidence knowing that safety is our top concern.