We need YOU! Join our marine biologists on our shark survey program!

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen Science is public participation in scientific research; everyday people can play a part in collecting data! Cape RADD encourages citizen science by hosting divers and snorkelers on a data collection experience, a citizen science day! – Check out our options below or submit your photos now to Fin Spotter!


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Check the calendar or get in touch with info@caperadd.com to book your spot!

Kelp Forest Snorkel

  • Experience level – Beginner
  • Entrance type – Shore entry
  • R600 p/p

Join our marine biologists on a fish and shark ID survey. Learn about the Marine Protected Areas and how to identify fish and sharks, then, armed with a data slate and pencil, or a camera YOU collect presence of the local endemic fish and shy shark species (small harmless sharks!) within our marine coastal ecosystem.

This is a beach entry, so no boat is required and the snorkeling is no more than 50 meters from the coast. This activity is great for families and people new to snorkeling. For the more adventurous you can join a SCUBA or freedive survey. It is a very rewarding activity, great fun and there is lots to be seen and learnt.

Kelp Forest SCUBA

  • Experience level – Beginner (must be open water qualified)
  • Entrance type – Shore entry
  • R1400 p/p

This is for the keen SCUBA diver looking for new dive objectives and experiences. SCUBA surveying allows us to record the presence of fish species at deeper depths, allowing a different perspective and monitoring different niche spaces in the habitat.

This activity is great for open water qualified SCUBA divers who want a challenge and purpose to their dive plan, and perhaps explore dive sites in more detail than you have before?

Seal Snorkel

  • Experience level – Beginner/Intermediate
  • Entrance type – Boat entry
  • R900 p/p

Observe the behavior and monitor which fish species occur with the presence of the playful Cape Fur Seals. Approximately 25 minutes by boat along the Cape Peninsula lies Seal Rock, a small haul out for resting seals. Jump in and snorkel with the seals.

We record the fish species that occur in the presence of seals, an apex predator, and compare this with areas where there are fewer seals.

This is a relatively sheltered and easy snorkel. It is very shallow close to the rock where most of the seals play as they cool off in the water. For the more adventurous there are deeper sections

What’s involved?

  • Each trip begins with an explanation of the unique ecosystem surrounding Cape Town and its role in creating an amazing biodiversity hot spot by one of our marine biologists, we talk about the marine habitats, explain some basic fish ID skills and introduce you to a few local fish species.
  • All equipment is provided (5 mm wetsuit with hood & snorkel/dive equipment)
  • Approximately 60 minutes in the water on our snorkel/dive trips where participants will engage in data collection with your marine biologist guide.
  • A debrief where we discuss what we saw, and a chance for you to ask any questions.
  • In total, the experience runs approximately 2 hours.

Experience needed?

You must be a proficient swimmer and generally comfortable in the water
No dive experience is required for snorkeling trips. We do offer SCUBA diving for all options but participants must be Open Water qualified or higher (we can organize PADI dive qualification courses).

Meeting Time & Place

We generally meet at 10 am depending on client availability and weather. We are flexible for those people traveling from the city and will confirm on booking or prior to the booking date.

Age limits?

Children need to be 10 years or older to snorkel. It is important that you let us know if children are joining as part of your group, as we need to make sure that the conditions are suitable.

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