Editor’s note: Former Cape RADD Field Course student Joseph “Ok, Here’s the Thing” Qian left us this great list to assist our future students. Check out his tips!

  1. To avoid further hassle (waiting at a bank for 1 hour), do the currency exchange in the airport, especially if you have cash. It’s easier to use card.
  2. You will hit the ground running, so take care of your body, (if you have to cancel a dive, do it, don’t risk an injury). (Joseph, 10 Monster Energy drinks a day is not “taking care of your body”!)
  3. Try out as many restaurants and activities as possible, you won’t know when you’ll next be here.
  4. Do the talk at the beginning of the month, its scary for sure, but it will build up your confidence.
  5. Try to know some South African trivia, there’s, a trivia test on the first Wednesday. (Editor’s note: This is just a friendly pub quiz… but we do not accept failure.)
  6. Bring power adapters for 3 point plugs, (also find 3 point plugs for laptop cords if possible).
  7. (Editor’s note: There was no item 7…)
  8. Surge, be wary of it, buoyancy control is important. (Joseph liked to say he “got tossed around like a plastic bag in the wind”)
  9. The Black Marlin is a great restaurant, but it is very out of the way, WiFi is not guaranteed and the signal is bad, either go as a group, or pre-plan your Uber.
  10. The ocean ryder food in Tasty Table is a bit overpriced for what it actually is, if you want a full meal go for the burgers.
  11. The Salty Sea Dog has some great fried food (fish and chips) at decent prices, the most expensive is the kingklip and chips at R132.
  12. Alcohol options are meh, brandy and coke along with red bull and vodka are the only major “drinks” here, I’m a hard liquor person, so I cant judge beer/wine but I heard they are good. (Oh, Joseph…South Africa has so much more to offer!)
  13. The Saveur restaurant is good for what it is priced – great burgers.
  14. (Editor’s note: There was also no item 14…)
  15. Bringing your own gear is fine, if you have the clamp on octo (yoke regulator) you will need to ask Mike for an o-ring insert.
  16. The Raj in Harbor Bay Mall has good curry, but prep time is a bit long. I recommend going there during the weekend.
  17. Don’t get the 3 medallion steaks in the Harborview Restaurant, its very overpriced for what it actually is (ask me how I know).

Joseph didn’t leave any way to contact him for that last item, but we can assure you he had a great time at Cape RADD, and is now an expert on the restaurant offerings in Simon’s Town! Check back soon for his testimonial video.

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