As a marine research and conservation organization, we love being out in the field working on our research projects and collecting data. But if there is one thing we love more, its taking our marine biology field course students out with us and teaching them the skills and techniques used to successfully collect data, and which they will develop and hopefully use at a later date in their career.

Here at Cape RADD we use well publicized techniques developed to measure species abundancy, density, movement and behavior in the False Bay region. Our Marine biology field course students get to join us to understand the method and madness of life in the field.

Check out our new short film about what is entailed as a student at Cape RADD.

Video explaining what Cape RADD do and what students can expect from joining a marine biology field course

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Mike Barron

Mike is a marine biologist/scientist/conservationist and a PADI master scuba diver instructor. He has travelled the world diving and experiencing many ecosystems and their inhabitants. His main interests lie in the field of inter-specific animal behaviour and he has worked on shark deterrents using Killer whale stimuli.


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