Mike and Dylan’s Story

An embarrassingly old photo from the 2009 archives. Round faces and all.

Mike and Dylan, Cape RADD course directors, have been working in the field of marine biology for the better part of a decade now. They first met in South Africa on a research internship back in 2009 after completing their undergraduate degrees, became good friends , co-workers, and later, research colleagues. Since then they have both worked on their own research projects focusing primarily on shark deterrents, biomimicry, animal movement and population dynamics. In that time they have assisted a number of student scientists from around the world, and in doing so studied and honed their specific areas of expertise and passions for marine life as well as becoming keen, adventure seeking scuba divers and freedivers.

A slightly more recent photo of Mike and Dylan adventuring in the affectionately name “Rhino” Land Rover, Defender

At the end of 2016 after experiencing a number of ‘internships’ and working as field biologists, dive professionals, and marine guides, Mike and Dylan decided to partner up and use their own experiences and skill set to create a marine course specifically catering for people with a combined passion for marine research and conservation, scuba diving, freediving and adventure – this was the birth of Cape RADD.

The following year was spent tirelessly pooling years of accumulated knowledge and experience to develop a marine field course which would benefit students and dive professionals alike, making sure specific, relevant and applicable skills would be taught and our students would gain a rewarding, stimulating and most of all, fun, month of diving.

We are now reaching out to our fellow ocean lovers who want to experience some of South Africa’s incredible wildlife and spend some time learning new field methods and dive skills, meeting like minded people and seeking the adventure of a lifetime along the amazing coast of Cape Town. We would love to share our passion and knowledge for this area of the world and its unique and wild nature.

Mike Barron

Mike is a marine biologist/scientist/conservationist and a PADI master scuba diver instructor. He has travelled the world diving and experiencing many ecosystems and their inhabitants. His main interests lie in the field of inter-specific animal behaviour and he has worked on shark deterrents using Killer whale stimuli.

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Ter McCann · September 5, 2017 at 7:20 pm

Nice one Guys, Thanks for sharing your passion. We’ve seen your landie near A-frame a few times. Hope you go from strength to strength!

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