Trip advisor reviews are important, but not as important as our guests. We are very lucky here at Cape RADD that we seem to get the most amazing, friendly and eager to learn guests who are as passionate and excited about the marine world as we are. Recently we have re-opened our citizen science trips since the COVID – 19 lockdown and have been able to take out guests again. They have given some Stella Trip Advisor reviews

We pride ourselves on giving our guests take away knowledge and understanding from the trip, whether you are a 6 year old newbie or a professor, we tailor it to you.

We have missed this so much and have had so much fun getting back out there and exploring and teaching people about the marine world again. Here are a few reviews from the last few weeks since we re-opened! Perhaps they will inspire you to join us? Or just get back in the water yourselves and enjoy nature.

Trip Advisor Review 1

‘Mike was a great guide and taught us a lot about the underwater environment. He was relaxed but super aware of the weather conditions and knew how to manage a small group safely in a professional and responsible way. He drew us in to the fascination of the kelp forest and showed us interesting things that he came across under water. Being in the water can be a rather strange experience but I felt safe with Mike. As my confidence grew I explored more and more the things that I saw and thought were interesting. The pre-dive briefing and the debriefing after we had completed the dive were super informative and unhurried. It was a very positive experience for someone who has not snorkeled for decades. ‘

Trip Advisor Review 2

‘As someone who is really passionate about conservation, I wanted a way of ‘doing my bit’ and learning more, particularly with marine conservation. The Citizen Science day was a fab opportunity to learn more. The guys who run the course are fab. Easy going and knowledgeable. Had a great day and would certainly recommend.’

Trip Advisor Review 3

‘My friend Timm and I went on a Fish ID/Citizens’ Science snorkel course run by Mike Barron of Cape Research and Diver Development (RADD) in Simon’s Town, and I want to strongly recommend it to others who might be interested. It was a wonderful morning, and a great introduction to the world of the kelp forest. No previous experience of snorkeling is required, and Cape RADD can supply all the equipment you need.

Before getting into our wetsuits we learned about different species of fish and other creatures who inhabit the incredible ecosystem just under the surface of the sea. We focused quite a bit on sharks, given that Cape RADD are involved in a collaborative research programme looking at sharks. 

All of the sharks are non-threatening – but under threat from human beings (as well as from orcas, also known as killer whales). Collecting information on their numbers is important for conservation efforts. We were shown pictures of the different species of sharks found in False Bay, and their egg cases, which can be found entwined in the kelp, and asked to look out for them on our dive, and also to record any we saw on special boards. These include the pyjama catshark, the spotted gully shark, the puffadder shyshark and the leopard shyshark. Most are small in size, but very beautiful to see in the wild.

Then we kitted up, and Mike took us into the sheltered bay at Miller’s Point (where the movie ‘My Octopus Teacher’ was made). The breeze was strong and the water choppy, the visibility not great, but Mike pointed out an array of species, including a flatworm, a gas flame nudibranch, and a Twotone wrasse, a very striking fish. We examined starfish devouring their prey, the umbrellas that sea urchins make from shells to protect themselves from predators, and lots of hottentot, the most common reef fish in False Bay. And one of the party saw an octopus, hiding in some kelp fronds near the surface.

Details of the Cape RADD programme are at You won’t be disappointed! The kelp forest is an extraordinary place, and this is an excellent introduction to it’

So come on everyone! What are you waiting for? Come and join the fishy fun and learn about the marine world like never before!

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Mike Barron

Mike is a marine biologist/scientist/conservationist and a PADI master scuba diver instructor. He has travelled the world diving and experiencing many ecosystems and their inhabitants. His main interests lie in the field of inter-specific animal behaviour and he has worked on shark deterrents using Killer whale stimuli.


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