Fin Spotter

Fin Spotter is a shark monitoring platform from Cape RADD. We’re using citizen science and computer vision to identify individual shysharks in South Africa. By tracking their encounters, we can estimate their population size. Submit your photos today.

NEW Behavioural Research Project!

Examining the patterns of interactions between individuals in both single-species and mixed-species shoals, particularly in relation to group cohesion, polarisation, and information use, and how these differ with risk. In collaboration with Alicia Burns, Behavioural biologist at Taronga Conservation Society Australia and researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia, Cape Read more…

Great White Shark

A brief insight into shark vision

Shark Senses With an evolutionary period of over 400 million years, sharks are finely tuned to their environment. Sharks have a total of seven senses to interpret changes in their environment. These senses are: auditory perception (sound), tactician (touch), gustatory perception (taste), vision (sight), olfaction (taste), water movement detection (lateral Read more…